Sit On VS Sit In Kayak For Fishing

sit on vs sit in kayak for fishing

Across North America, kayak fishing has undergone an resurgence in popularity within the last five years. This is because of the wide variety of benefits that come with this form of fishing from transportation size to durability and registration fees.

These kayaks are also useful because they allow you to approach spots other anglers in their larger vessels can’t get to and you can do it quietly, which is something older aluminum boats from before couldn’t.

Kayaks come in two styles: sit-in kayak (SIK) and sit on top kayaks (SOT).

They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it can be hard to tell the difference between a soft play area and an activity center.

Why Should You Fish Out Of A Kayak?

Before we get into the specifics, there are a lot of reasons you might want to go fishing from a kayak. Some people do it because they have bad knees and can’t stand for long periods of time or other people just think that fishing from one is an awesome experience.

Kayak fishing is more affordable compared to a boat

For someone wanting to fish from the water but are having difficulty justifying the price of a boat, explore the option of a fishing kayak.

Kayak prices can range from close to $100 to over $1,000 depending on the quality and the features of the kayak.

Kayaks are easier to maintain than a fishing boat

Besides the occasional washing, there is very little maintenance you need to do in order for your kayak to last a long time. As long as it stays in good condition and isn’t thrown around too much, then it has a good chance of lasting

Kayak’s are easier for hard to fish areas

Kayaks are a versatile way to go fishing. Kayaks can be used on freshwater rivers, salt water marshes and the open ocean to catch different types of fish. Since they are smaller and more mobile they can even reach difficult to fish in areas.

Fishing kayaks are quiet

Fishing without scaring the fish can be tricky, as you should approach them stealthily in order to not scare any creatures away. This is where a sit on or a sit in kayak is great for fishing.

Kayaks are easy to stow

Unlike a jon boat, kayaks can be stored in many different locations without taking up too much space. This is due to their lightweight slender size. It can easily be stored just about anywhere as long as you have the room since they are so easy to store and transport.

Difference Between A Sit On Kayak And A Sit In Kayak

One obvious answer to the question is that one type of kayak, the sit-in (SIK), offers protection from elements, while another variety, the sport style does not.

Kayaks with a seat are optimal for cooler and windier seasons, as it is easier to keep warm and can be more stable during fishing. These can be carried more easily than traditional types due to their design.

One potential problem with sit-in kayaks is that if something happens and you flip over, the water flooding in through the kayak’s faulty seal can sink it.

Sit-on kayaks are more stable and easiest to get in and out of. The majority are even wide enough that you have the ability to stand and cast

They also have a lot of storage space, as there are often areas either directly in front or to the back that are big enough to hold either a cooler or large fishing bag.

These kayaks come equipped with holes called scuppers to rid themselves of water, and thus make it more difficult to sink.

They’re also lightweight and easy to get in and out of. This means you can take a quick dip for a break if the fishing is slow, or step out into the water for some wading before hopping back on the boat.

Additionally, kayaks that are “sit on” models tend to be more susceptible to wind than the sit in kayaks because their larger surface area makes them less stable.

These sit on kayaks are also heavier and can be difficult for some people to transport and store in smaller spaces.

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