How Much Do Kayak Weigh?

how much do kayaks weigh

Kayaks are a great way to explore the water, but most people don’t know how much they weigh. How much does a kayak weight? How heavy is it? How do you measure the weight of a kayak? These are all questions that we will be answering in this blog post! We will also talk about different weights for different types of kayaks and what might influence their weight.

How Much Do Kayaks Weigh? 

The average kayak for recreational use weighs about 35 pounds. This increases up to 75 pounds when you get a tandem kayak and even more for fishing kayaks. The weight for a kayak can vary drastically because of the different sizes, uses, and materials used in kayaks.

Your kayak’s weight depends on factors like what you plan to do with it, and other things. Make sure you know your needs before purchasing a lighter or heavier option. For example, if your goal is to travel long distances without tiring out too quickly, then a more heavy kayak might be best. On the other hand,

Below are the average weights of the most common types of kayaks available.

Average Kayak Weights

Below are the average weights for the most popular types of kayaks available.

How Much Does A Single Kayak Weigh?

A single kayak typically weighs 35 pounds because it is typically made of plastic. Single-seat kayaks are both light and compact, weighing in at 30 to 50 pounds depending on the material from which they are composed. Your first kayak is most likely going to be a single kayak, and it’s important to figure out how much the kayak weighs.

The weight and size of a kayak should be one of your most important considerations when purchasing equipment because you may need to physically carry the kayak, lift it, or place it on the roof of your vehicle. The overall size of the kayak will play a huge role in the weight. For example a kayak for a 6 foot tall person will weigh more than a kayak for a smaller individual.

Popular Single Kayak Weights:

Perception Kayaks Prodigy XS Weight – 26 pounds (12kg)

Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 80 Weight – 35 pounds (16kg)

Pelican Kayaks Trailblazer 100 NXT Weight – 36 pounds (16kg)

Perception Kayaks Tribute 10.0 Weight – 36 pounds (16kg)

Pelican Kayaks Mustang 100X Weight – 39 pounds (17kg)

Pelican Kayaks Bandit NXT 100 Weight – 40 pounds (18kg)

Perception Kayaks Swifty 9.5 Weight – 44 pounds (20kg)

Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 9.7 Weight – 45 pounds (20kg)

How Much Does A Tandem Kayak Weigh?

The average tandem kayak weighs approximately 65 pounds. 50-75 pounds is a pretty wide range, with most tandem kayaks falling somewhere in the middle at around 60lbs for an estimate. If you’re looking for a time to share some physical activity and spend some quality time with someone, then kayaking is an great choice that will certainly give you two something in common. Share the weight of carrying your tandem (2 person) kayak to and from the water where it’s stored so that its bigger chance to become heavy than when transporting it. Some tandem kayaks are so large that individuals may confuse the kayak vs a canoe.

Popular Tandem Kayak Weights:

57 pounds (26kg) – Ocean Kayaks Malibu Two Tandem Weight

67 pounds (30kg) – Perception Kayaks Tribe Tandem – 13.5 Weight

70 pounds (32kg) – Sun Dolphin Kayaks Bali 13.5 SS Tandem Weight

72 pounds (32kg) – Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Ocean Weight

73 pounds (33kg) – Pelican Kayaks Sentinel 130X Tandem Weight

78 pounds (35kg) – Perception Kayaks Rambler Tandem – 13.5 Weight

84 pounds (38kg) – Lifetime Kayaks Emotion Spitfire 12T Tandem Weight

How Much Does A Fishing Kayak Weigh?

The weight of fishing kayaks ranges from 35 pounds on the light, budget-end to over 225 pounds and up at the top end. Heavier, more feature-rich, and more expensive fishing kayaks typically weigh over 150 lbs.

When a kayak weighs in around 60 pounds and up, you might need to start looking into a kayak cart. Even if you could lift all that weight over your head, the equipment and tackle in your fishing kayaks will likely add enough weight to make even transporting by yourself difficult; don’t forget about the potential for loosing some of your equipment if you struggle to lift your kayak. For example one of the main differences between the Lifetime Tamarack 100 vs 120 is the weight.

Popular Fishing Kayak Weights:

45 pounds (20kg) – Perception Kayaks Sound 10.5 Fishing Weight

47 pounds (21kg) – Ocean Kayaks Caper Angler Weight

55 pounds (25kg) – Pelican Kayaks Strike 120X Angler Weight

60 pounds (27kg) – Field & Stream Kayaks 12′ Eagle Run Weight

70 pounds (32kg) – Ocean Kayaks Trident 13 Angler Weight

85 pounds (38kg) – Jackson Kayaks Cuda HD Fishing Weight

103 pounds (46kg) – Hobie Kayaks Mirage Compass Fishing Weight

129 pounds (58kg) – Hobie Kayaks Mirage Pro Angler 12 Weight

Inflatable Kayak Weight

Cheap inflatable kayaks can range anywhere from 20 pounds to 60 pounds while more durable and reliable inflatable kayaks are typically between 30-50 lb. The weight of an inflatable kayak will vary based on the materials used to increase the durability of the kayak. Read about how to tell if an inflatable kayak is safe.

The lighter the inflatable kayak is, the more prone it is to failure. You can still purchase an inflatable kayak that has a high level of quality assurance; just know that purchasing one with lower weight means you won’t save much time on portability—especially when considering the fact that they cost more than a traditional hard-shell type

In order to create a durable and reliable inflatable kayak, manufacturers must use materials with some substance. As a result, these kayaks are heavier than you might expect.

Popular Inflatable Kayak Weights:

  • 18 pounds (8.0kg) – Goplus Inflatable Kayak’s Weight
  • 26 pounds (12.0kg) – Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak’s Weight
  • 26 pounds (12.0kg) – Advanced Elements SPORT Inflatable Kayak’s Weight
  • 27 pounds (12.5kg) – Driftsun Voyager 2-Person Inflatable Kayak’s Weight
  • 28 pounds (12.5kg) – Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Kayak’s Weight
  • 31 pounds (14.0kg) – Intex Explorer K2 Tandem Inflatable
  • 39 pounds (17.5kg) – Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak’s Weight
  • 52 pounds (23.5kg) – Advanced Elements Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak’s Weight

How Much Does Pelican Kayaks Weigh?

The weight of a pelican kayak can vary between 19 pounds and 78 pounds depending on the size, weight limits, and function, but the average pelican kayak weighs around 40 pounds.

I looked up the weight specs for each of the kayaks on Pelican’s website and found that there are many different weights among them; everything from their lightest model, weighing 19 pounds, to their heaviest 78-pounder.

One of the most popular and affordable singles, sit-insides, sit upsides, tandems, and entry-level fishing kayaks is the Pelican. Many of these boats weigh in around 40 pounds. Read about the differences between sit on vs sit in kayaks.

Popular Pelican Kayak Weights:

19 pounds (8.5kg) – Pelican SOLO (youth)

27 pounds (12.5kg) – Pelican ARGO 80X

34 pounds (15.5kg) – Pelican ATHENA 100XP

35 pounds (16.0kg) – Pelican TRAILBLAZER 100 NXT

36 pounds (15.5kg) – Pelican ARGO 100X

37 pounds (17.0kg) – Pelican ARGO 100X EXO

38 pounds (17.0kg) – Pelican COVE 100XP

39 pounds (17.5kg) – Pelican SPRINT 106XP

40 pounds (18.0kg) – Pelican ARGO 100XP

41 pounds (18.5kg) – Pelican SPRINT 100XR

41 pounds (18.5kg) – Pelican ARGO 100XR

41 pounds (18.5kg) – Pelican ARGO 100XP ANGLER

43 pounds (19.5kg) – Pelican SPRINT 120DT

45 pounds (20.5kg) – Pelican SENTINEL 100X ANGLER

48 pounds (22.0kg) – Pelican ARGO 120XP

49 pounds (22.0kg) – Pelican ICON 100XP ANGLER

50 pounds (22.5kg) – Pelican SENTINEL 100XR ANGLER

51 pounds (23.0kg) – Pelican SPRINT 120XR

54 pounds (24.5kg) – Pelican THE CATCH 100

55 pounds (25.0kg) – Pelican SPRINT 140DT

58 pounds (26.5kg) – Pelican SENTINEL 120XR ANGLER

66 pounds (30.0kg) – Pelican ARGO 136X TANDEM

67 pounds (30.5kg) – Pelican ARGO 136XP TANDEM

69 pounds (31.5kg) – Pelican THE CATCH 120

73 pounds (33.0kg) – Pelican SENTINEL 130X TANDEM

78 pounds (35.5kg) – Pelican THE CATCH 130 HYDRYVE

How Much Does Hobie Kayaks Weigh?

On average, the average recreational Hobie kayaks weighs around 60 pounds. An average recreational kayak with fishing gear and accessories weighs up to 240 pounds on a high end.

If you’re looking to venture into the water on a kayak, it’s important that you know what size and weight is best for you. Hobie Kayaks manufactures just about every type of kayak in existence, including both light and heavy options.

Popular Hobie Kayak Weights:

75 pounds (34.0kg) – Hobie MIRAGE PASSPORT fully rigged

87 pounds (39.5kg) – Hobie Mirage Outback Fishing Kayak

91 pounds (41.5kg) – Hobie Mirage Revolution 13

103 pounds (46.5kg) – Hobie Mirage Compass Fishing Kayak

111 pounds (50.5kg) – Hobie MIRAGE I14T inflatable fully rigged

129 pounds (58.5kg) – Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

148 pounds (67.0kg) – Hobie MIRAGE PRO ANGLER 14 WITH 360 DRIVE fully rigged

240 pounds (109.0kg) – Hobie MIRAGE TANDEM ISLAND outrigger kayak

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