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Who Is Tyler Bradt?

Since the age of six, Tyler Bradt has been kayaking. In 1996 he was twelve and his skills were extraordinary so he started to kayak class five rapids only six years later at the age of eighteen. By thirteen, he was nationally recognized for his abilities. In September 2006, Tyler moved to Norway and began kayaking professionally. While on this trip, Tyler had a near death experience when he was flipped and pinned up against a rock under the force of the water. To this day he still calls it “the closest call he’s ever had”.

Tyler has appeared in several kayaking and adventure films. Bradt is a world record holder for the highest waterfall kayaked. In April 2009, he successfully kayaked Palouse Falls in Washington state at an estimated 186 feet (57 m), breaking the previous record set by Bradt’s Brazilian counterpart who ran the 127-foot (39 m) Salto Belo of the Rio Sacre just one month earlier. Bradt’s plunge of Palouse Falls reached media attention since the water drop is 17 feet (5.2 m) taller than Niagara Falls. Bradt’s media agent sold both pictures and video footage of his dive to Sports Illustrated in 2009. On May 18, pictures of Bradt’s descent appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine. You can read Tyler Bradt’s Wikipedia page to learn more about his kayaking career.

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